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We wish to provide you some information regarding Khazar Electric Co. ( K.E ), and services as we like to align ourselves with corresponding levels of excellence.
( K.E ) is one of the largest and successful manufacturers of Electric Housewares and Portable appliances in IRAN with 20 years of vast experience. Our main products are Vacuum Cleaner, Mobile Evaporative Cooler, Heater Quartz Tubes, . In the meantime ( K.E ) as a progressive company carries on and develops its corporation with home appliance manufacturing in IRAN and other countries.
We would like to emphasize that ( K.E ) is willing to start off a mutual cooperation with major manufacturers of home appliances and R&D companies as well as to put in place a coordinated strategy to improve its presence in Iranian market and other developing countries.

Our factory is located in Rasht Industrial Zone, in north of Iran. Our factory covers a floor area of 12500 square meters, namely 5000 square meters of building area. We have 95 employees.

Concentrating on quality, we have been awarded ISO 9002 certificate, approved by LLOYD organization in 2000. We highly believe: " Quality has all the answer "


  • Think Globally - Act Locally.
  • Think long, work hard, share all.
  • A philosophy borne of experience.
  • The future is a promise for people living today and building for tomorrow.